This project was inspired by my connection with Sarah Amento, a stage 4 breast cancer survivor, who contacted me for underwater portraits after recovering from her double mastectomy. Shortly before our session was scheduled Sarah found out she was inoperable stage 4. This did not stop her. Sarah wanted to have a portrait made that would empower other women who have struggled with body image issues to feel beautiful about themselves and to get the word out that cancer does not define you. My session with Sarah taught me a lot! I learned to REALLY live and appreciate life... I learned that health is wealth...and to slow down and appreciate the little things...I also learned that through my art I can make a difference in someone's life. Sarah's session was THE day this project started.

The main objective of The Survivor Campaign is to promote healing through underwater photography sessions. Whether you are suffering from body issues, pain associated with certain types of cancer or you just want to dive in and show your warrior spirit, this is a great way for these survivors to rediscover the beauty within.